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Workday Payroll Training

Payroll Overview

  • Basic payroll setup
  • Payroll processing Steps
  • Sources of payroll data
  • Payroll Reports and Tasks

Payroll Processing Framework

  • Profile groups
  • Payroll processing Framework
  • Explore a Period Schedule
  • High volume Input Using EIB
  • Run Categories
  • Pay Accumulations
  • Pay Component Groups
  • Payment Election Rules
  • Pay Groups
  • Pay Group Assignment

Tax Setup

  • General Tax Setup Steps
  • Workday-Delivered Tax data
  • Explore Company Tax ID Setup
  • Explore Province and State/Local Tax Set up
  • Set Up Worker Tax elections

The Calculation Engine

  • Categories of Calculations
  • Payroll-Specific calculations
  • Explore an Earning
  • Explore a Deduction
  • Explore a Pay balance
  • Explore a Pay Accumulation
  • Explore a Pay Component Group

Earnings & Deductions

  • Earnings Prerequisites and Create Earning
  • Effective Dated Tab
  • The Non-Effective Dated Tab
  • Creating different Earnings
  • Deduction Prerequisites
  • Create a Deduction
  • Minimum Net Pay and Arrears Processing
  • Minimum Net Pay Setup
  • Net pay validations and Arrears Tracking
  • Manage pay components

With Holding Orders

  • With holding order types
  • Steps for setting up with holding order
  • View with holding order for a worker
  • Edit, Terminate or Delete a Withholding Order
  • Processing Priority of a With Holding Order
  • Copy Withholding Orders for Workers

Payroll accounting settlement ,Banking & Settlement

  • Banking and Settlement configuration
  • Define Payment Election Rules
  • Configure Payroll Pay slip
  • Configure Check Print Layout
  • Define Bank Account
  • Define Routing Rules
  • Pre-note Runs
  • Configure Business Process
  • Configure Settlement
  • Explore Banking Setup

Payroll Business process and Security

  • Overview of Steps in Payroll processing
  • Add Payroll Input
  • Calculate Payroll and Generate Accounting Results
  • Retroactive Processing
  • Off-Cycle Processing
  • Manual Payments
  • Reversals
  • On-Demand Pay Calculations