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MSBI Online Training Content

SQL / TSQL Development

  • Basic database and design
  • What is DDL, DML
  • Data Types
  • What are Constraints & types
  • Default
  • System functions & User Defined Functions
  • Triggers

Introduction to MSBI

  • What is MS-BI
  • Advantages of MS-BI
  • DWH Concepts
    1. –>What is DWH?
    2. –>Definition of DWH (Ralph Kimball, Bill Inmon Definitions)
    3. –>OLTP Vs OLAP
    4. –>DWH Architecture
    5. –>Data Acquisition Process (ETL)
    6. –>Data Analysis Process (OLAP)
    7. –>DWH Design Guidelines (Star, Snowflake Schemas)
    8. –>Tools used in DWH
    9. –>Data Mart

Introduction to SSIS

  • SSIS installation
  • SSIS Architecture
  • Package
  • Tasks ,Control Flow , Data Flow

Developing SSIS Packages

  • SSIS Wizard
  • SSIS Designer (SQL Server Data Tools)
  • Variables and Expressions
  • Breakpoints
  • Data viewers
  • Configuring Error Output

Errors & Debugging SSIS

  • Events Handling
  • Execution Logging
  • Data Flow Tasks(ETL)
  • Control Flow Tasks
  • .Net Scripting Task

SSIS Administration

  • Configuration
  • Deployment
  • Security
  • Manually Executing SSIS Package
  • Scheduling SSIS Package
  • Importing and Exporting Packages
  • Monitoring and Optimizing Packages


  • Dimension Tables Data Loading
  • Fact Tables Data Loading


  • What is SQL Server Reporting Services?
  • What can you do with SSRS reports?
  • What components does SSRS use?
  • Who uses SSRS?

Authorizing Reports

  • Basics Of SSRS
  • Data Source
  • Data Set
  • SSRS Expressions
  • Reports Formatting

Authorizing Reports

  • Parameter Reports
  • Sub Reports
  • Drill Down Reports
  • Linked Reports In SSRS
  • Filters in SSRS
  • Actions In SSRS

SSRS Administration

  • Installation and Configuration
  • Deployment and Security
  • Subscriptions and Rendering
  • Caching and Snapshots

Ad-Hoc Reports Development

  • Report Model Project
  • Model Designer
  • Report Builder

Introduction To SSAS

  • Dimensions
  • Facts
  • Data Sources
  • Data Source Views

Developing Cubes

  • Cube Designer
  • Partitions and Aggregations
  • Dimension Usage
  • Calculations and Kpis
  • Perspectives, Actions

MDX Language

  • Axes, Slice
  • Tuple and set
  • MDX Queries
  • MDX expressions

SSAS Administration

  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Deployment
  • Processing
  • Security
  • Backup and Restore


Being a very intensive course the trainer was a great help in every possible way and I appreciated this very much and always friendly:)) Thanks eTrainingsIndia for giving best trainer for MSBI Online Training

Senior Software Engineer, XRS Corporation

eTrainingsIndia is an amazing institute that promotes learning and personal growth. Conducive learning and easily accessible. The tutor are well experienced and really helpful.

Associate Software Analyst, SIEMENS PLM Software

It was a really great experience. We had a really hard time because of four weeks of MSBI Course, but at the end of the day it was awesome.”

Lead Engineer, AlienVault

A very rewarding course. Covers every aspect of how to be a good language teacher with a well-balanced mix of theory and practise. Excellent, step-by-step guidance from tutors.

Tech lead, Zoom Info

Everything is truly professional in this institute. I liked all the moments I spent in their classes. Highly recommend anyone who wants to learn MSBI
Fatima Begum

PHP Developer, SpringSource

Although the course is so intensive and so overloaded, the tutors support us a lot to pass and succeed in the course.MSBI
Naziya Sulthana

Associate Consultant, Bluetalon

Frequently Asked Questions

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We have limited participants or only one participant in a live session to maintain the quality standards. Se we provide  demonstration session before enrollment. However, without attending demonstration learner couldn’t able to clear his technical doubts about his desired technology. So we always recommend a learner to attend a demonstration with the person who will deliver the classes.

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All the instructors at eTrainingsIndia are experts from the industry with minimum 9-12 years of relevant IT experience. They are subject matter experts for providing an awesome learning experience.

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You will never lose any session. You can choose either of the two options:

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eTrainingsIndia is committed to giving you an adorable learning experience through our live online training and expert instructors. Through our training we will enable you to convert opportunities into job offers by presenting your skills at your interview. We can assist you in resume building. Please understand that we are not into placement services.

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