Introduction to BIG DATA and Its characteristics
4 V’s of BIG DATA
What is Hadoop?
Why Hadoop?
Core Components of Hadoop


Intro to HDFS and its Architecture
HDFS commands
Versions of HADOOP
What is Daemon?
Hadoop Daemons?
What is Name Node?
What is Data Node?
What is Secondary name Node?
What is Job Tracker?
What is Task Tracker?
Read/Write operations in HDFS
Complete Overview of Hadoop1.x and its architecture
Rack awareness
Introduction to Block size
Introduction to replication factor
Introduction to HeartBeat signal/pulse
MAPREDUCE Architecture
What is Mapper phase?
What is shuffle and sort phase?
What is Reducer phase?
What is split?
Difference between Block and split
Intro to first wordcount program using MAPREDUCE
Different classes for running MAPREDUCE program using Java
Mapper class
Reducer Class and its role
Driver class
Submitting the wordcount MAPREDUCE program
Going through the Jobs system output
Intro to Partitioner with example
Intro to Combiner with example
Intro to Counters and its types
Different types of counters
Different types of input/output formats in HADOOP
Use cases for HDFS and MapReduce programs using Java


Intro to PIG
Why PIG?
The difference between MAPREDUCE and PIG
When to go with MAPREDUCE?
When to go with PIG?
PIG datatypes
What is field in PIG?
What is tuple in PIG?
What is Bag in PIG?
Intro to Grunt shell?
Different modes in PIG
Local Mode
Running PIG programs
PIG Script
Intro to PIG UDFs
Writing PIG UDF using Java
Registering PIG UDF
Running PIG UDF
Different types of UDFs in PIG
WordCount program using PIG script
Use cases for PIG scripts


Intro to HIVE
History of HIVE
Difference between PIG and HIVE
HIVE data types
Complex data types
What is Metastore and its importance?
Different types of tables in HIVE
Managed tables
External tables
Running HIVE queries
Intro to HIVE partitions
Intro to HIVE Buckets
How to perform the JOINS using HIVE queries
Intro to HIVE UDFs
Different types of UDFs in HIVE
Running HIVE queries for wordcount example
Use cases for HIVE


Intro to HBASE
Intro to NoSQL database
Sparse and dense Concept in RDBMS
Intro to columnar/column oriented database
Core architecture of HBase
Why Hbase?
HDFS vs HBase
Intro to Regions, Region server and Hmaster
Limitations of Hbase
Integration with Hive and Hbase
Hbase commands
Use cases for HBASE


Intro to Flume
Intro to Sink, source, Flume master and Flume agents
Importance of Flume agents
Live Demo on copying LOG DATA into HDFS


Intro to Sqoop
Importing and exporting the RDBMs into HDFS
Intro to incremental imports and its types
Use cases to import the Mysql data into HDFS


Intro to Zookeeper
Zookeeper operations


Intro to Oozie
What is
What is workflow.xml
Scheduling the jobs in Oozie
Scheduling MapReduce, HIVE,PIG jobs/Programs using Oozie workflows
Setting up the VMware for Hadoop
Installing all Hadoop Components
Intro to Hadoop Distributions
Intro to Cloudera and its major components


What is Spark Ecosystem
What is Scala and its utility in Spark
What is SparkContext
How to work on RDD in Spark
How to run a Spark Cluster
Comparison of MapReduce vs Spark


Tableau Fundamentals
Tableau Analytics
Visual Analytics
Hadoop Integration with Tableau
Note:- Various Hands on exercises and Assignments on each
and every Eco-component.



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