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  • Agile Methodology and DevOps
  • Linux Basics
  • Scripting – Bash (shell scripting) and Intermediate Python Programming
  • SCM – Git
  • Build Management – Ant
  • Web/Application Server – apache and Tomcat
  • Database – MySQL, MongoDB (NoSQL)
  • Cloud Computing – AWS: ec2, VPC, S3, Cloudwatch, IAM, SES, RDS,
    CloudFront, EC2 command line tools, Python Boto module etc
  • DevOps Tools – Jenkins, Docker, Vagrant, Nagios
  • Configuration Management using Chef / Puppet / Ansible /
  • Continues Integration – Jenkins • Binary Repository Manager – Nexus
  • Infrastructure Monitoring – Nagios
  • Static Code analysis – Sonar

DevOps: Introduction

  • Software Methodologies – An overview
  • Agile
  • Continues Integration and Continues Delivery
  • DevOps

Linux OS:

  • Important Linux commands
  • Networking Basics.
  • Files and Permissions
  • Managing permissions with sudo


  • Shell scripting:
    Variables and Strings,
    Regular expressions,
    Loop – for loop and while loop

Scripting (Continued)

  • Intermediate Python programming:
    Strings manipulation,
    Python variables,
    Advanced networking programming,
    Database connections,
    Introduction to Classes and Objects,
    Python Modules: Sending out emails, Multithreading,
    Socket programming with modules.


  • Git (Advanced):
    installation and environment setup,
    Basic concepts
    Working with Git on Developers perspective: Clone, review, commit, push, update,
    stash, move, rename, delete etc,
    Best practices for Releases

Build Management

  • Ant:
    Installation and Configuration,
    Build file,
    Data types,
    Creation, WAR/JAR files,

Web/Application Server

  • Tomcat:
    Install and Configure,
    Admin console,
    Tomcat as HTTP server,
    Apache proxy Pass
  •  Apache
    Install and Configure
    Running your website on Apache
    PHP installation and PHP frameworks (WordPress)


  • Mysql (Basics)
    Concepts of relational data model,
    SQL and connecting to DB from your application

Databases (Continued)

  • MongoDB (Basics):
    Concepts and Advantages of NoSQL data model,
    Differentiating with Relational DB Model

Cloud Computing:AWS

  •  AWS for Cloud computing:
    AWS Services,
    Elastic Volumes,
    Instance stores,
    Elastic Load Balancers,
    Cloud formation.

DevOps Tools

  • Chef:
    Install and Configure Server and Workstations,
    knife tool Roles and Environments,
    Writing Cookbooks in chef
    Bootstrapping nodes
    Key Authentication
    Effective deployments using Chef
  • Vagrant:
    Install and Configure,
    Vagrant images,
    Provisioning servers,
    Virtualbox integration,
    Vagrant modules for AWS and Rackspace
  • Nagios for Infra-Monitoring/Plugins:
    Install and Configure,
    Nagios host definitions,
    Service Definitions,
    Host/Service templates,
    Event Handlers,
    Email notifications,
    Understanding how checks work
    Writing Nagios plugins
    SNMP plugin to monitor client machines

CI – Continues Integration (Done)

  • Jenkins:
    Introduction to Continues Integration,
    Install and Configure,
    Jenkins integration with Tomcat, Git, Ant, Deployer, etc.,
    Automated Deployment using Jenkins,
    Continues Deployment,

Binary Repository Manager:

  • Nexus: A high-level overview of Usage and deployments

Static Code analysis

  • Sonar for Java & .Net:
    Code review: A high level overview


“The trainer was enthusiastic and kept my interest throughout which in itself is a huge achievement!… All covered in depth into DevOps with AWS Online Training

Hima Kiran

DevOps Engineer, Deloitte

“What I liked most about the devops online training program was how the lecturer conducted the class… Interaction with the participants,thank you etrainingsindia guys for providing such a nice lecturer” 

Sujitha Ala

Devops System Engineer, UHG (United Health Group)

“The way of presentation is excellent. Being a starter to DevOps technology I am not finding difficulty getting the information from the instructor. Course content and formation is excellent. Course instructor is highly experienced and having patience to clarify student’s clarifications. Thanks to eTrainingsIndia.”

Aishath Fareena

DevOps Tester, Wells Fargo

I took Devops course at eTrainingsIndia and I had a very good experience.Trainer was the staff concerned and he explained topics in a very interesting way.staff was very responsive. Got placed after the training. Thanks a lot eTrainingsIndia.


DevOps Engineer, UST Global

“DevOps with AWS online training by eTrainingsIndia is look solid and gives good foundation to jump into real world environment and handle the real time issues and projects,thanks to eTrainingsIndia”

Ramya H

AWS Cloud Engineer, Oracle

“Excellent learning experience through eTrainingsIndia..Thanks for all your on time response and support. Expecting the same going forward”

Sangeeth Sharma

Azure Cloud Automation Engineer, AT & T

Had great Learning Experience on DevOps With Aws taught by trainer. He is one of the best training institute I ever joined .Thank you so much eTrainingsIndia.

Heena Kausar

DevOps Engineer, Johnson & Johnson

Trainer @ eTrainingsIndia is a really a great person and knowledgeable. He is patient and capable and really goes the extra mile to make sure you understand his DevOps subject.


Cloud Engineer, Provident Financial Group

It is very glad to tell that I got very good exposure in DevOps Training. Faculty has taught the subject in depth and very understandable way. I wish eTrainingsIndia a best of luck and will recommend anyone who is eager to learn subject and get practical experience.

Manish Sharma

Azure Cloud Automation Engineer, AT & T

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