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Blueprism Training Content

Blue Prism introduction

  • Introduction about Robotic process Automation
  • Introduction About Blue Prism

Process Studio

  • Running a Process
  • Process Validation
  • Decision Stage
  • Calculation Stage
  • Data Items

Object Studio

  • Creating a business object
  • Application Modeller
  • Spying Elements
  • Launch
  • Wait
  • Timeout
  • Read/Write
  • Attach/Detach
  • Actions
  • Data Items as Inputs

Process Flow

  • Circular Paths
  • Set Next Stage
  • Anchor
  • Collection and Loops
  • Pages for Organization

Inputs & Outputs

  • Input Parameters
  • Output Parameters
  • Data Types
  • Data Item Visibility
  • Control Room
  • Process Outputs
  • Review

Business Objects

  • Object studio
  • Business Objects
  • Action Stage
  • Inputs and Outputs
  • Process Layer

Error Management

  • Exception Handling
  • Recover and Resume
  • Exception Blocks
  • Exception Bubbling
  • Exception Handling in Practice

Case Management

  • Work Queues
  • Queue Items
  • Work Queue Configuration
  • Defer, Attempts
  • Pause and Resume
  • Filters
  • Reports

Additional features

  • Collection Actions
  • Choice Stage
  • Logging
  • Log Viewer
  • System Manager
  • Export/Import
  • Release Manager – Packages and Releases

Review Exercise

  • System Process
  • Practiced Program Checklist
  • Submitting your Completed Solution for review.


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“I found the trainer excellent and could answer all questions asked and “The whole aspect/topics were just great! I found it all to be just right.I am more confident in the way I would take interview calls with mnc clients after this course… in general the course was great and you were kept involved the course,Thank you eTrainingsIndia.


QA Consultant, Tech Mahindra

“I enjoyed the interaction and the fact that Trainer gave tips and backed them up with real life scenarios” 

Saraiya Bah

Test Lead, Cognizant

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Software Devoloper, Verizon

Great course! Excellent presentations, I can take what I learned and start applying it directly to my work.provided great depth on the topics that were covered and was able to discuss off-topic areas as well. His technical expertise in the area was reflected in all areas of the course and everything was done very professionally


Cloud Consultant, Kemet Corp.

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Frequently Asked Questions

 Can i attend a demo session before enrollment ?

               We have limited participants or only one participant in a live session to maintain the quality standards. Se we provide  demonstration session before enrollment. However, without attending demonstration learner couldn’t able to clear his technical doubts about his desired technology. So we always recommend a learner to attend a demonstration with the person who will deliver the classes.

 Who is the instructor at eTrainingsIndia ?

               All the instructors at eTrainingsIndia are experts from the industry with minimum 9-12 years of relevant IT experience. They are subject matter experts for providing an awesome learning experience.

 What if i miss a class ?

You will never lose any session. You can choose either of the two options:

  • Ask for a recorded session of the class from your instructor.
  • You can attend the missed session, in any other live session by the same instructor.
  • Prior update or intimation is needed if you are not attending the session

 Will i get placement assistance ?

              eTrainingsIndia is committed to giving you an adorable learning experience through our live online training and expert instructors. Through our training we will enable you to convert opportunities into job offers by presenting your skills at your interview. We can assist you in resume building. Please understand that we are not into placement services.

 What If i have more queries ?

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