Workday Time Tracking Explained in simple way

Workday Time tracking

Time-tracking sucks it doesn’t matter Who you are or where you work, you’d Rather have your toothpaste replaced With superglue than have to deal with a Bunch of time sheets and paper schedules all the signing, translating, importing Converting & processing. And you’re doing This every day for thousands of Employees spread all over the world.


You’d rather have to change a flat tire On a bus full of drill sergeants with nothing but a kitten and a ballpoint pen while it’s raining acid what’s worse is those manual systems you’re stuck with leave a lot of room for inaccuracies which can totally mess up your payroll plus they give you no visibility into how your employees are spending their time, all of which costs your company a lot of money now that really sucks.


workday time tracking

Okay look you just need a better system and with workday you can have one see it’s simple our time tracking system doesn’t suck it’s totally paperless easy to use and completely unified employees log ours in a familiar calendar interface accessed via the web on all the devices they already own and use every day that means the data you need is right there in the system waiting for you and because time tracking is part of the entire suite of workday applications you can process payroll and do workforce analysis in minutes it saves everyone time is more accurate and gives you total global visibility so You can run your business better. Oh yeah and all this is in the cloud so you’ll never have to worry about maintenance or upgrades all right we get it having to track your time still kind of sucks but with workday it doesn’t have to nice see for yourself

Recommended audience:

Software Developers

Project managers

Human recourse managers


There was nothing many prerequisites required to take Workday Online Training. It good to have a basic knowledge of one of the programming languages like C, Java but not mandatory. And the basic idea of HR Operations. Trainers of eTrainingsIndia will train you from the basics even if you do not have knowledge on this technology



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