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workday latest versions and next      Workday HCM, (SaaS) company which is expertise in Human Resource, finance, planning, has announced best features across the platform at the Workday conference in Nov 2017, with greater personalisation and more machine learning force.

All Workday clients are always on the latest version of the software, version 28 delivered in Mar 2017 and 29 in September 2017. Version 30 should be expected early 2018.

Starting from, Human Capital Management for HR activity, Workday is looking to redesign its system in favor of personalized experience for version 30 and next, Workday is trying to modify the HR portal.


New workday portal will contain on boarding, job transitions, and life events, new advanced search for relevant policies, extensions to third party apps and more options to brand the Workday HCM. This drive for personalisation trend in the Cloud world

Workday is working on top learning journeys since a year, to guide employees through Workday training, Workday Financials, which is bringing new features for version 30.

Betsy Bland, enterprise software product and marketing expert at Workday, said version 30 of Financials is “taking advantage of OCR in our technology platform with deep learning for OCR [optical character recognition] to read mobile expense receipts and populate into expense reports.”

The Sales force integration is also deepening in version 30 to allow users to pull opportunity and information into Workday to inform planning and budgeting. Workday is busy in consolidating billing, subscription, also, for close-to-disclose design; Workday is bringing “support automation using our business process framework and significant enhancements

In terms of granular updates the company announced these

  • Rebuilding the e-invoicing
  • Redesigning for better resemble the mobile experience
  • Compliance updates on ISO enhancements
  • document sequencing
  • The ability to send back individual expense report data
  • Supplier invoice routing
  • Self-service forecasting
  • Consolidated electronic payment files
  • Worksheets for cash transitions

Workday Planning, has 170 live customers to date, announced that for version 30 it is expanding its capability to offer personalized templates.

Mr. Aidan Mitchell, director product management at Workday said, the focus on version 30 is to allow for more planning decisions, instead yearly plans.

“Yes in Workday 30 they are laying the foundation of continuous planning. That means taking actual in Workday HCM and Financials and populating it directly into your ideas to forecast and on-demand and even integrates client change into plans, so the plan evolves with your client,” 

Workday Prism Analytics, allow customers to combine Workday and non-Workday data for analytics and working towards allowing users to simply drag and drop data, Workday HCM and third party, to automatically generate dynamic graphs

On core analytics, Workday is focusing on analytics dashboards, by headcount movement, workforce diversity and pay equity in update 30.

Pete Schlampp, product and engineering Workday Prism Analytics: “The next step in workday HCM 30 is data discovery 

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