Workday HCM Top 10 Interview Questions with Answers !!

top 10 latest interview questions

  • How many Workday updates are released per year?
  • Workday releases two major updates per year. In 2017, update 28th was released in March, and update 29th in September. Clients get a month in advance to test their environment against the new update and report any issues to Workday.
  • Name a few modules of the Workday Human Capital Management Suite:
  • Absence, Benefits, Compensation, Onboarding, Payroll, Recruiting Time Tracking.
  • Name some post-production and pre-production Workday Tenants:
  • Post-production: Production tenant and Sandbox tenant. Pre-production or implementation: Implementation tenant and Gold tenant.
  • How is Workday reporting different to other SQL ERP systems?
  • Workday follows an object-oriented relationship model. When creating a report, you select a Primary Business Object and a Data Source.
  • What are some ways to access a Workday Standard Delivered Report?
  • Browsing by Category in the Sitemap, running Workday Standard Reports or writing the name of a specific report in the search bar.
  • What are the main types of Workday Integrations?
  • Workday Studio Integration, Enterprise Information Builder (EIB) Integration, Cloud Connect Integration.
  • What is a RaaS Report?
  • A Workday Report that has been web service enabled is called Report-as-a-Service.
  • What is a Business Process?
  • A series of tasks that lead to the completion of an overall business event. For example: Hiring an employee.
  • Name a few Workday assigned security groups:
  • All Users, All Employees, All Contingent Workers, All Terminees, All Retirees.
  • Name some Workday security group types.
  • User-based, Role-based, Job-based, Level-based, Integration System.

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