Where I Can learn WORKDAY Training through Online?

Workday® is the latest Mantra for all the big companies now. It’s on Cloud, no infrastructure cost, ease of maintenance. Workday is the best of breeds out of all the traditional HR products, and has created a huge impact globally. Having believed that, you should understand the job openings, the new projects, existing HR products are moving on to Work Day, all boils down to the huge market demands for the Workday® trained consultants, on a Global Market. Don’t you feel good, when you are gaining that attention, and companies compete to recruit you? Now, how to get trained in Workday®, where I get the best tailor made training for me, online training. The only answer is “eTrainingsIndia” Hyderabad


eTrainingsIndia is a best institute offering workdayonline training in Hyderabad. Our trainers are expertise, experienced so you can expect the best workday online training with us.

Our workdayonline training is designed for those who are looking to make their career as workday consultant. Workday has better career opportunities and best salary packages in the market now. If you are looking for a premium workday training institute then you are at right place.

Workday training teachoverview of organizing in workday, types of staffing models and compensation components. eTrainingsIndia offer professional Workday Online Training in Hyderabad


Workday HCM Course Syllabus

Core concepts and Navigation Basics

·         Core Concept Overview

·         Business Objects

·         Basic Navigation

·         Landing Pages

·         Related Action Menus

·         Search

·         Slide-out tabs

·         Hyperlinks

·         Additional Navigation Topics

·         Actionable Reports

·         Single and Multi-select prompt fields

·         Standard Screen Icons

·         Task Page Icons

·         Workfeed

·         Configuration options

·         Find Worker

Organizations in workday

·         Organization types

·         Supervisory Organizations

·         Reorganization

·         Setup of supervisory org structure

·         Managing supervisory organization

·         Creating a subordinate org

·         Dividing a supervisory org

·         Additional org types

·         Organization Hierarchies

·         Organization Assignments on supervisory org

·         Organizational Reports

Staffing Models

·         Types of Staffing Models

·         Configuring individual staffing model

·         Hiring Restrictions

·         Position Management

·         Headcount Management

·         Job Management

·         Differentiating between staffing models

·         Maintaining Staffing Models

Jobs and Positions

·         Job Profiles

·         Differentiating Job profiles, Job families, Job family groups

·         Job profiles and Localizations

·         Management Level Hierarchy

·         Creating  Job profile

·         Creating Position and Headcount Groups

·         Managing Filled and Unfilled Position and Headcount Groups

·         Creating Positions

·         Edit Position Restrictions

·         Close Position vs. Managing a Hiring Freeze


·         Compensation Components

·         Creating Compensation

·         Compensation Rules

·         Compensation Reports

·         Compensation Packages

·         Compensation Grades

·         Bonus plans

·         Amount based

·         Percent based

·         Salary and Hourly plans

·         Compensation Segment Security

·         Initiating Compensation Event

Security Groups

·         Security Group Types

·         Configuring Role based security

·         Configuring Job based security

·         Configuring User based security

·         Components of Configurable security

·         Functional Areas, Securable Items and Security Policies

·         Domain security policies

·         Business process security policies

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