Inside Look at wokday’s Technology development given by Senior Vice President.

inside look at workday technology


Inside Look at wokday’s Technology development given by Senior Vice President….


I am delighted to be appearing before you today on the biggest screen this side of Soldier Field I managed the technology development group at workday we build all the stuff you don’t see but that supports the workday service and keeps it running smoothly I wanted to highlight a few significant investments we’re making to further enhance our customers work lives.

Our service continues to grow rapidly in the last year we have added 250 new production customers and grown to execute almost three and a half billion transactions per month our average response time is lower than last year and we have a particular focus on improving large-scale or poor performance despite this rapid growth enhancements to our cloud platform mean that we will add no net new servers this year in our data centers so we are doing our bit to reduce energy usage and hopefully help out the polar bears.

inside look at workday day

We continue to incorporate the newest technology into our stack as we evolve kubernetes docker OpenStack pachi ignite we are also starting to experiment with running select workloads in the public cloud so that we can offer you more deployment choices in the future

We understand that you are running critical business processes like financials recruiting and time tracking all of the time and the continuous availability is important you might have planned downtime we take is already very low compared to our competitors and it continues to reduce but we are committed to eliminating it entirely we call this the road to zero downtime in the recent workday twenty-seven updates we delivered our fastest update yet all 1,200 production tenants were updated with 8712 changes I counted them all we started releasing tenants just one hour 54 minutes in and the median tenant worldwide was released after 3 hours 45 minutes.

I am also pleased to note that in the last month we have been updating work days sandbox tenant on Wednesdays with zero downtime we plan to do this in production for workday tomorrow night assuming I remember to push the button after the customer appreciation party.

My team hi guys is very proud of what we do and we take our responsibilities to you our customers very seriously we will continue to invest in our technology platform to ensure that it stays continuously modern and with that I really hope that everybody has a great time and zero unplanned downtime at this year’s rising back to you Neil.


Recommended audience:

Software Developers

Project managers

Human recourse managers


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