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Blockchain is a revolutionary technology and soon it will disrupt some of the major industries. Apart from Bitcoin it can be used for wide variety of applications such as Physical and digital assets eTrainingsIndia Blockchain Online Training curriculum is prepared for those who are enthusiastic to change their future as Blockchain Consultants in USA, UK & India etc., Blockchain Technology has bright job opportunities in global job market. If you are waiting to have a great learning experience in Blockchain Online Course with Professionals from India then you are at right site.Please fill the contact form to get register with us and to attend a free online live demo with expert trainer. Scroll down for more info

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Crypto currency and Blockchain

  • Crypto currency and cryptography
  • Anonymity and Pseudonymity in crypto currency
  • Digital Signatures
  • Cypto currency Hash Codes
  • Distributed Networks

Delving into Blockckain

  • Introduction to Blockchain
  • Why Blockchain is crucial
  • Differences between databases and blockchain
  • Explaining distributed ledger
  • Blockchain Ecosystem
  • Blockchain Structure
  • Working of blockchain technology
  • Permissioned and permission-less blockchain

Bitcoin and Blockchain

  • Bitcoin and its history
  • How to buy, store and spend bitcoins
  • Selling bitcoins
  • How bitcoin transaction works
  • Parameters that invalidate the transaction
  • Scripting language in bitcoin
  • Applications of bitcoin script

Bitcoin Mining

  • Purpose of mining
  • Algorithm used in mining
  • Mining Hardware
  • How does bitcoin mining works?
  • Bitcoin mining pools
  • How cloud mining and Bitcoin works?
  • Mining Incentives
  • Security and centralization


  • What is Ethereum and Ether
  • How to use Ethereum
  • The Ethereum ecosystem, DAPPs and DAOs
  • How Ethereum mining works
  • Learning Solidity
  • Contract classes, functions and conditionals
  • Inheritance and abstract contracts
  • Libraries, Types and optimization of Ether
  • Global Variables
  • Debugging
  • Future of Ethereum

Private Blockchain Environment using Ethereum 

  • Private and Public Blockchain
  • Various Blockchain setup platforms
  • Using Ethereum to setup private Blockchain
  • Steps to build a Blockchain Solution
  • Smart contracts on Ethereum
  • Compile, deploy and instantiate contracts
  • Configuring, running and working with the go-Ethereum client
  • Account management and mining
  • Different stages of contract deployment
  • How to interact with a contract once deployed


  • Introduction and Architecture of Hyperledger
  • Consensus and its interaction with architectural layers
  • Application programming interface
  • Application model
  • Network Topology
  • Exploring Hyperledger frameworks

Setting up a development environment using Hyperledger Composer

  • Setting up a development environment using Composer
  • Developing business networks
  • Testing business networks
  • Hyperledger Fabric Model
  • Various ways to create Hyperledger  Fabric

Create and Deploy your private Blockchain on Multichain

  • Introduction to Multichain
  • Privacy and Permissions in Multichain
  • Mining in Multichain
  • Multiple Configurable Blockchains using Multichain
  • Setting up a private Blockchain
  • Creating Blockchain
  • Connecting to a Blockchain
  • Commands in interactive mode
  • Using native assets
  • Transaction metadata
  • Streams
  • Round robin mining

Prospects of Blockchain

  • How Blockchain is transforming business and professions
  • Discussing practical use cases of Blockchain
  • Blockchain in banking system
  • Blockchain in land Registry and Capital Market
  • Summary of the course.


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Rajesh KM

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I attend a  Blockchain Online Demo session before enrollment?

We have limited participants or only one participant in a live Blockchain Online Training session to maintain the quality standards. Se we provide demonstration session before enrollment. without attending demonstration learner couldn’t able to clear his technical doubts about his desired technology. So we always recommend a learner to attend a demonstration with the Instructor who will deliver Blockchain Training

All the instructors at eTrainingsIndia are experts from the industry with minimum 9-12 years of relevant IT experience. They are subject matter experts for providing an awesome learning experience for Blockchain Online Training.

  • Can i get Blockchain Software and study Material?

Yes you will get Blockchain Software during Blockchain Online Course.and it is compulsory to work on Software to enhance real time scenarios.And yes instructor will provide Blockchain Online Course study material during training tenure.

  • Can i get any assistance for Certification and any Training certificate with this training?

Yes you will get a Course completion training certificate from eTrainingsIndia ,and Instructor will assist you to prepare Blockchain certification.

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