Become an Instructor

Who can teach ?

An instructor is a teacher. One can be an instructor of just about anything, but it usually applies to teaching hands-on skills, like a water-skiing instructor or the instructor of the knitting class held at the community center.

Anyone who has an excellent working knowledge of the respective domain and is very enthusiastic about teaching and sharing his/her knowledge with learners. Good oral communication skills are mandatory.

About working with us 

We’re a team of talented, smart, passionate real time Professionals who share their technical skills to create great opportunity for every member of the class. We collaborate with subject matter experts like you and create our courses differently from anyone else, and that’s what helps make them so good.

eTrainingsIndia confidently says that through our online sessions you will gain knowledge in your desired technologies and also the real-time problem-solving capability. Using some proven technical solutions we can help in solving all your technical related queries, no matter how tough those are!It is likely to be managed professionally.

The Procedure

  • Share your CV/Resume by filling below contact form (or) Mail us at
  • Trainers should have their individual course curriculum, which should match with current market requirements.
  • Trainer should be ready to showcase their real-time knowledge and skills that they are acquired throughout their experience.
  • Trainer can able to connect from any location without any disturbances during the session.
  • eTrainingsIndia records and playback your training sessions with your permission to the students who missed their sessions.


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