Automation Anywhere

Introduction to RPA NLP and RPA
How Robotic Process Automation works
Why to automate repetitive tasks/process
List of Robotic Process Automation Tools
Robotic Process Automation Tool selection
Checklist Product Architecture

Task Bots
Meta Bots
IQ Bots

Automation Anywhere

Task Bots
Recording a Task
Task Creation

Overview of Task Editor
Task Editor of features
Action List

Commands used
Excel Command
Variable Operation Command
PDF integration Command
IF/ELSE Command
Database Command
Email Automation Command
File and Folder Commands
Error Handling Commands
PGP Command
Webservice Implementation

MetaBot Overview
MetaBot creation
Understanding MetaBot Designer
Adding and Recording MetaBot
Configuring metaBot Screens
Calibrating MetaBot Screens
Adding Folders to a MetaBot
Exporting and Importing Metal

IQ bots
Installing IQBot Designer
Getting Started with IQBots
Creating IQBot
IQBot Designer

Deployment Deployment
Overview Deployment
best practice




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